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How to Select the Right eSignature Software for Your Business

Right eSignature Software for Your Business
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The adoption of eSignatures and the digitization of documentation is quickly becoming common place in business. eSignatures provide a fast, secure, and cost-effective method to promptly obtain document signatures. An additional benefit of eSignatures is an improved customer experience. 

A flexible and up-to-date eSignature solution becomes necessary as the business world continues to shift to more paperless functions. The increasing need to adapt to the changing landscape of doing business digitally presents a new set of challenges. For instance, an organization will now need to select the best eSignature software for their business. This will require the analysis of the many different solutions available on the market; due to  each solution having its own unique set of pros and cons.

Here are some key features and functionalities to look for during software evaluation.


Consider the pricing when you assess the potential eSignature software. Focus on long-term goals and avoid getting tricked by a more affordable solution, which can become more expensive in the future. The software you select should offer a  cost-effective service fee structure, including additional aspects such as training and support expenses among the array of available options.


With the continuous advancements in technology, the complexity of eSignature solutions can vary. When selecting a software, the useability of that software should be considered. Not only will employees need to utilize the software, it is essential to also consider the ease of use for customers.

The solution should provide various signature options, allowing signers to select the one that suits their preference. The entire eSignature process should be simple and user-friendly for all individuals involved.


The software should be able to scale to support your organization’s growing needs. You may initially deploy the software to one department but eventually want to expand its use across the organization. The solution should allow you to add users and expand the license to different teams.


The eSignature solution should enable you to maintain your business brand throughout the signing process. Look for a solution that is flexible enough to meet your needs and offers various methods for signature capture, like finger swipes, clicking a checkbox, and free-drawing a signature with a finger or stylus. It should also have options for configuring visual signature appearance, branding, required form fields, etc.


Ensuring legal protection is crucial when handling valuable transactions. The online solution must adhere to all signature types specified in primary eSign legislation, such as eIDAS, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), or the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act). Additionally, it should comply with industry-specific standards relevant to your particular use case.

The software should have a transparent process showing a signer’s steps when signing a document.

Mobile Compatibility

The prevalence of mobile phone usage in businesses is indisputably significant. Hence, the software you opt for must be compatible with mobile devices. Given that your employees and customers are constantly on the go, utilizing their mobile devices for daily business interactions, it’s imperative to have an eSignature software solution that enables users to sign documents from their phones. This capability ensures timely responses, as customers can conveniently sign documents directly from their mobile devices.

Secure and Tamper-Proof

Maintaining data integrity is crucial in assuring eSigned documents’ acceptability. The solution should include third-party certifications, encryption over the internet, and tamper-proof features that make it evident if the data within them has been altered in any way.

Identity Assurance

The solution should offer digital identity verification and authentication options to validate known and unknown signers. Select a modern design solution that allows you to leverage a mix of existing and new technologies to mitigate fraud risk.

Audit Trail

If you need to prove the validity of your eSigned documents, you will need to show a clear audit trail. The solution you choose should track every action taken by the signer throughout the signing process to show the entire interaction and prove the user’s intent to sign.

Easy to Integrate

Finding a solution that can be easily integrated and allows you to meet your business needs is essential. The software you select should have configurable APIs and SDKs that can be tailored to work with your existing business applications.


Businesses must know how to select a secure and suitable eSignature software solution. Considering the above factors, your business can implement digital signing workflows that accelerate document turnaround, reduce risks, cut costs, and provide access anytime, and anywhere. The signing experience offered by the eSign software will significantly enhance how your company interacts with employees and customers.

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