Multiple Recipients & Documents

Senders can attach multiple documents with the email and send them to multiple recipients by a simple click.


SutiSafe encrypts and decrypts a document using AES 256 bit encryption uses the receiver details as keys for encrypting/decrypting.


No additional hardware, cryptographic software needs to be installed to use SutiSafe. Users do not have to login to any application and thus eliminates the need to remember passwords.

Documents Support

SutiSafe encrypts and decrypts documents in all popular formats such as Word, PDF, etc.

No Capturing of Personal Details

No personal details are captured from the sender before encrypting the document. SutiSafe does not store the email sent, attachments or A/c no entered by recipient.

Web based Decryption

An email with the encrypted document and a link to decrypt are provided to the Recipient. Recipient needs to upload the documents received and enter the 16 digit A/c No to decrypt.

Email Client Independent

SutiSafe works with any popular email client and OS.

No Security Keys Required

Decrypt documents using a HTML 5 compliant web browser.

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