97% of our customers come back for more.
“Finance now has a central source to do their reports and are no longer dependent on paper that can get lost and spreadsheets that are out of date.”

Sr. Manager - IT
Mahindra Finance

”We really like your solution. We are especially impressed with the user interface. We believe that the mobile app will make the expense reporting process really fast for end users”

Sr. Manager - IT

”We vetted 6 providers before deciding to use SutiExpense. SutiSoft provided great support and project management throughout the implementation”

IT Adminstrator
Ovations Food Services

”We needed a solution that eliminated our reliance on spreadsheets and paper based receipts. The added flexibility for SutiExpense to handle our Canadian Tax challenges made SutiExpense the obvious choice.”

LAN Administrator
Virtek Vision International

Seamlessly integrate our platforms with your existing accounting solution.

Expense Management

Reduce travel expenses and save time with the industry’s most powerful travel and expense management solution.


Get greater control over purchases and assets by automating the entire pay-to-procure cycle.

Get a comprehensive set of common services with every platform.

Single Sign-on

Access multiple Suti and third party applications through a single, one-time logon.

Data Analytics

Get real-time reports, intuitive dashboards, and data forecasts from a centralized location.


Automate document approvals using electronic signatures and biometrics from any device.