Online electronic signature software to close deals swiftly

SutiSign is an online electronic signature software that enables organizations to create, send, approve, and file documents online easily and securely. It helps companies organize, track, and manage the document signing process and easily obtain a complete audit trial of individual documents. Its centralized approval engine makes the online digital signing process easy and more secure than signing documents by hand. SutiSign supports a variety of mobile devices to automate and manage the document approval process even on the go.

SutiSign - a cloud-based electronic signature solution - meets global legally binding eSignature standards such as ESIGN (Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act), UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act), and EU directives. It can be easily integrated with other third party solutions that require or support electronic signature approvals.

Key benefits

  • Sign documents online anytime, anywhere, and on any platform
  • Protect data integrity and signer identity to ensure non-denial of transactions
  • Advanced group-signing option based on approval flows
  • Secure vault to archive and store eSignature reports
  • Eliminate delays and re-signing
  • Cut administration costs and increase revenue
  • Apply unique time stamps
  • No installation or hardware required
  • Role-based access control

eSignature solution components

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