What is SutiDSignature?

SutiDSignature is a biometric signature verification solution that secures approval of electronic documents. It measures and analyzes the physical activity of signing along with the signature.

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signature is an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

What are requirements of an electronic signature?

  • The signer must intend the signature to have the same force and effect as a signature affixed by hand.
  • The signature must be unique to the person using it.
  • The signature must be verifiable as belonging to the user.
  • The signature must be under the sole control of the person using it.
  • The signature must be attached or linked to the document in a way that authenticates the integrity of the electronic signature and document contents.

What is a dynamic/biometric signature?

The term stands for handwritten signatures that are digitized throughout the writing process including static characteristics and biometric (dynamic) signals.

Who owns SutiDSignature?

SutiDSignature is owned by SutiSoft Inc. SutiSoft is an IT solutions company dedicated to strategic synchronization of tailored business solutions with best-in-class security to meet customers critical business needs.

Who can use SutiDSignature?

SutiDSignature can be used by anyone who wishes to securely sign electronic documents online directly on their Smartphone.

Why should I use SutiDSignature?

SutiDSignature includes some unique features such as: golden five signatures, gradual enrollment and seamless integration that make it the best tool for handwritten signature based approvals.

How authentication happens in SutiDSignature?

Unique parameters are collected at the time of signing and similarity score is calculated by matching with the templates stored in the server. Depending upon the similarity score authentication of a signer is performed.

Can I change my signature anytime?

You do not have to change your signature once you register your signature templates with SutiDSignature. As and when a high similarity score is obtained, the latest unique parameters are automatically updated in the template.

How secure is my signature?

After signing a document, signature on a document cannot be modified. Signature and details captured are encrypted and securely stored in the document.

Can I try SutiDSignature before buying it?

Yes. A 30 day free trial of SutiDSignature is available for use. Click here to try now. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan at the end of 30 days to continue using.

Do I need to install anything to use SutiDSignature?

No. You need not have to install anything to use SutiDSignature. It is a SaaS solution which is hosted in a secure hosting environment.

Do I need special hardware/software to use SutiDSignature?

You just need a current web browser on your mobile device for anywhere instant access.

When can I start using SutiDSignature?

You need to activate your account to start using SutiDSignature. To activate your account, click on the activation link provided in your notification email.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, click on the Forgot Password link on the SutiDSignature login page. Enter your email. A new password will be sent to the email you provide.

You can use this password to login to SutiDSignature and can change it later on.

When will my account be activated?

You can activate your account by clicking on the activation link provided in the confirmation mail.

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