Signature Authentication that Mitigates Risk in Real Time

In this highly competitive business environment, signatures still play an important role in many financial and legal business transactions. However, today the potential to misuse signatures in the form of signature forgery is becoming a major threat to businesses of all sizes.

Is your business facing issues with signature forgeries and fraud? Do you find it difficult to authenticate a signer’s identity? Are you looking for a solution that can detect signature forgeries and fraud in real time?

Introducing the integration of SutiSign with SutiDSignature, an easy- to- use hand written signature authentication solution that is used to mitigate the risk of fraud, identify forgeries with greater accuracy in real time and confirm the authenticity of business transactions which involve the signing process.

How SutiSign authenticates differently from others?

SutiSign incorporates two advanced methods of signature authentication including Image-based (Static) and Real-time (Dynamic) Signature validation to authenticate online signatures.
  • Collects best 5 signatures samples using a touch pad/tablet/smartphone
  • Records the handwritten signature of a user and measures multiple parameters
  • Extracts unique characteristics of the captured signature
  • The intelligent algorithm compares the recorded parameters of the handwritten signature against a pre-enrolled signature template
  • Over time, the system enrolls gradual changes in the handwritten signature pattern and update the latest signature template in the database
  • During the signing process, the user will sign their signature and the solution performs the matching process
  • If the signature is authenticated, the signing process is completed

How it works?

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Static & Dynamic Signature

Advanced Fingerprint Solution to Strengthen Your Online Access

Today cybercrimes are on the rise. It is negatively impacting businesses with data losses and security breaches.

SutiSign introduces with its integrated online fingerprint authentication solution that automatically verifies and authenticates the user’s identity in a secured, and encrypted manner. The fingerprint authentication solution helps businesses provide a high level of security for sensitive business data.

How it works?

Advanced Fingerprint Solution


Fingerprints are Secure

A user’s fingerprint image is never stored in the solution. Salient points, called minutiae points are extracted from the fingerprint and stored in the server for authentication purposes.

Minutiae points can be extracted from fingerprint image, but a fingerprint image cannot be copied using minutiae points. This eliminates the threat of a fingerprint image being lost, stolen or misused.

Fingerprint Sensor Agnostic

Users can register their fingerprints with one type of sensor and authenticate using another supported sensor type. Changing sensors does not require a modification of templates.

Remote, Web-based Administration

Easy to use, web-based administration console to manage users, templates and server settings.

Operating Systems

Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and MAC operating systems.

Client-Server Solution

The client captures user's fingerprints, displays results of authentication and the server stores the credentials of all valid users.

No Server Required

The solution doesn't require an external server to store fingerprint templates. Credentials of the user can be stored in the system's local cache. Each user can register up to 10 fingerprints.

Multi-factor Authentication

Users can authenticate themselves by using a password or a combination of password along with their fingerprint.

Single Factor Authentication

Fingerprint templates used to authenticate users onto wired & wireless networks are also used to authenticate them to their individual PC.

Fail-safe Operation

Fail-safe mode operation using a primary and secondary server. Templates are written to both servers so that if the primary server fails, the secondary server can take over authentication tasks until the primary server is brought online again.

AD Support

Integrates with Active Directory and synchronizes data when new users are added or existing users update their account details.

Local Caching

Fingerprint templates used for user authentication are also stored in the local cache for authentication when the server is unavailable. This feature can be enabled or disabled as needed.

Compliant with 802.11i

Fully compliant with the 802.11i standard for wireless LAN's and supports RFC 3748 by implementing EAP Host.

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