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3 Ways Spend Management Software Can Streamline Your Purchasing Process

Not managing money effectively can make or break your business. It is important to control costs and reduce spending in your payment processes. Not streamlining your accounting process would let the money fall through the cracks. Embracing spend management can help figure out areas where ineffective spending is happening and allows you to save time and money in the long run.

The following are three ways spend management solution can make the purchasing process more effective.

Avoid Paper

Still relying on spreadsheet-based systems? Minimize costs and increase security by moving the purchasing and invoice process online. With an automated invoice solution, documents are easily stored online and processes can be automated. The automated solution eliminates paper trail and the step-by-step workflow can be streamlined with a secure system.

Moving online adds a layer of security to the payable process. An automated solution can reduce the process cycle times and decrease the potential of penalties. Businesses can save $29 per unit per year using paperless purchasing and invoicing solutions. Going automation can significantly improve the payable processes.

Centralization & Compliance

Centralizing the key data is important to streamline the purchasing process. Organizing data effectively allow you to keep records accurate and up-to-date. With spend management software, managers can be in sync with what’s going on with the process. Some spend management solutions feature vendor credentialing program, which means vendors can be pre-approved ahead, taking out the burden off property managers.

It is important for property management companies to remain vigilant in all payable processes so as to avoid any compliance issues. The right spend management software maintains all the information within one manageable location, making it easy to work for vendors. Data centralization ensures effective communication throughout the organization, making it easy for staff to access the information.

Tighten Internal Controls

Revolutionize your purchasing process requires you to understand internal controls and procedures you have in place. Are there any bottlenecks that slow down the process? Spend management software helps your organization to control and manage internal authorization processes. Mobile solutions give your business the power of increased accessibility and allow you to keep tabs on invoices, orders, and expenses.

Using a system that reduces procure-to-pay cycle time will strengthen your internal controls, streamline staff workflows and allows vendors to access the data. Management will have better visibility into spending, giving more transparency into performance and accountability.

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