Expense Report Software Solves the Top Travel & Expense Management Challenges

Corporate travel and expenses are the second most critical operating expense line item for organizations to control. An inefficient expense management process not only leaves employees frustrated but also lacks the visibility and insight organizations need to view where the money is going. Automated expense report software streamlines the entire process and resolves major expense management challenges.


Manual process:

Manual expense management process is cumbersome and requires a lot of paper-work. Manual data entry into spreadsheets can be error-prone. An integrated travel booking and expense management system automates the process, eliminating paper and spreadsheet errors.


Employees often intend to spend out-of-policy, and having a robust business expense policy can help avoid it. The software solution allows you to define spend policies according to your business needs. You can set rules and restrictions which encourage employees to make the right choice the very first time.

Lost receipts:

Missing receipts lead to inaccurate expense reporting, and it costs your employees’ time as well as limits visibility. Automated software with mobile functionality frees your employees from gathering all those paper receipts. By using mobile applications employees can take picture of the receipt and easily upload them to expense reports.

Less visibility:

With poor visibility into your business spends you cannot optimize them. With the help an automated system you can view the complete spending picture and make better decisions. With all data in a single system you can easily understand who is spending what, why, and where. High visibility into business spends allows you to uncover new cost savings.

By implementing expense report software you can significantly reduce the hassle, time, and cost of preparing, approving, and processing expense reports.