How Property Management Software Simplifies Front Desk Management

To survive in the highly competitive hotel industry today, it is necessary to be able to offer your customers more than what your competitors can. You should be able to retain as much competitive advantage as you can, and one of those factors that ensures an advantage is customer loyalty. It’s quite challenging to gain customer loyalty simply by providing various additional facilities and discounts as many other hotels tend to do the same.

So what else can we do to ensure a competitive advantage? Front desk management is one such critical responsibility where your support staff is in direct contact with the customer. Their ability to communicate and connect with the customers becomes can make or break a deal which will have an impact on the whole organization. Property management software enables hotels to simplify the process involved in front desk management.

Here are some ways how property management software helps simplify front desk management:

Form Customization

Front desk managers can customize the form with various fields which helps customers fill them in easily and quickly. Based on customers’ interactions, only necessary fields in the form can be made mandatory to save time and book rooms instantly.

Smart Calendar and Booking System

This solution provides a smart calendar that allows its front desk managers to book hotel rooms and event timings with just a click-n-drag feature for the required date(s) on the calendar. Based on customer’s requests, the reserved rooms can also be transferred to other room types.

Focus Guests

The software helps front desk managers create new guests and assign them to specific room(s). This solution allows noting guest and travel details, and prints check-in cards. It also helps in sending emails to guests promoting good offers and discounts for business growth. This solution also manages maintaining guest’s contact details from their respective profiles.

Intuitive User Interface

The property management software, with its intuitive user interface helps front desk managers simplify the booking process. A legend displaying various colors helps them identify the room cleaning status, whether the room is ready to be occupied, or whether it cannot. This also helps managers monitor the house keepers.

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