Pre-trip Authorization: Simplify your Business Trips by Estimating Costs Prior to Travel

Are your business expenses running out of budget? Do you think that business trips are costing you more every time? Don’t worry! Pre-trip authorization is what you should be looking at.

What is pre-trip authorization?

Pre-trip authorization is the process of creating expense reports rounding up the estimate costs for a business trip. The process involves preparing an expense request and requesting for approval. This can give you an idea on how much a particular business trip may cost. Pre-trip authorization proves to be very beneficial for firms that require business travel more often. Moreover, the feature can make the reimbursement process faster and help financial departments plan budgets efficiently.

Understanding pre-trip authorization

Most organizations land in trouble when things don’t work as expected. Financial planning tops the list of concerns for many organizations. If things are not going as per the expectations, there may be huge impact on the company, which might sometimes leads to budget discrepancies. Hence, this problem should be overcome and management should take appropriate decisions to make things work as expected.

In pre-trip authorization, you will create an expense report with estimated costs of all the list of expense items and then raise a request to the authorized person. Whenever you want to add or remove an expense line item, you can do it so through the edit/delete option. This sort of request can help financial management get an idea of the approximate costs associated with your business plan. Pre-authorization feature can also facilitate the approval process as the report is checked and assessed prior to travel. The pre-authorization expense request will get converted to expense reports automatically when you return from business trip.

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