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Best Expense Management Practices to Fit Modern Business Culture

Today’s financial decision-makers face more challenges in regards to enforcing a new travel and expense policy, which is why we’ve listed out a few best practices that More »

Why Mobility is Critical for Expense Management

Expense management is one of the organization’s crucial functions that require great mobile functionality. Expense management requires you to perform certain tasks while on the road such More »

Maximizing ROI with Accounts Payable Software

Although AP is not the key focus of CFOs’ day-to-day activities, leveraging the power of AP automation can turn this department from a cost center to a More »

Creating an Expense Policy that Fits your Company Culture

Just as your employees fit in your company culture, your corporate T & E policy should be geared to fit the same. Having a well-written and clear More »

5 Essentials of Expense Management Solutions

Like other business tools, an expense management system should make everyone’s job easy. Travel managers have certain requirements that a T&E solution should meet. Your business requirements More »


The Benefits that Cloud Solutions Offer to Businesses

Gaining visibility over business processes is very important, especially when it comes to T&E spending. Usage of tools and technologies can help you gain insights and offers

How Expense Report Software Helps in Managing the T&E Budget

Setting a travel and entertainment budget that your employees will love is not that easy. But with the help of technology, T&E budgeting will become easy for

Reasons Why Businesses Need to Adopt Cloud Technology

Cloud technology will not only bring a host of benefits but lower operational costs and boost productivity at a corporate level. Technology can simplify time-consuming procedures, and

Modernizing Accounting & Finance Operations

Finance teams are undergoing a rapid change in organizations of all sizes. With technology on the rise, automation takes the job of accounting & administration and finance

How Expense Report Software can Resolve the Currency Conversion Problem

Reporting travel expenses has always been a most hectic task for employees. Currency conversion is a big headache for travelers as the values tend to fluctuate from

The Power of Metrics in Business Expense Management

Visibility plays a key role in expense management. If you can’t see what’s going on with business expenses, you cannot manage them effectively. Visibility has always been

Does Tracking Small Expenses Benefit your Company?

It’s a known fact that tracking all your expenses, including the small expenses gives you a better idea of how you are managing your money. But, does

How Ghost Card and Custom Receipt Features Simplify the Expense Reporting Process

Corporate credit cards have become a good option for companies to combat expense fraud. Most companies use corporate cards to verify and validate business spend. As giving

Proven Benchmarks for Better Spend Management

Spend management, which involves sourcing goods and services, setting contracts and paying suppliers, impacts every employee in the company. As employees have to buy things that they

Business Transactions with a Personal Credit Card

It is always important to know the company policy for expense management. In some cases, you use a company credit card, whereas, for some, you may have

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