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3 Ways for Effective Supplier Payment Processes

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Increasing global suppliers will increase the financial and compliance complexities. The following are a few ways through which you can make supplier payments more effective as you scale accounts payable operations with your growing business.

Automate Your AP Workflow

Manual processes consume a lot of time and money. For the most part, employees spend time setting up payees, approving and issuing payments, and reconciling payments. Inefficient manual procedures will result in errors and delays, costing you more time, money and ruining supplier relationships. Automated AP workflow can reduce the pressure in managing supplier payment operation from invoice to payment. Automation eliminates the cost associated with correcting manual errors.

Supplier On-boarding Payment Intelligence

While on-boarding suppliers, businesses have to undergo background checks, including screening. Instead of collecting contact information and payment details through insecure methods, you can use web-based solution to turn tasks into a global payment solution. There would be more remittance across different payment methods, so it is important to have a strong process to avoid costly payment errors.

Simplify Payment Reconciliation

Reconciling payment information across various countries, payment methods and figuring out payment errors can be challenging and time-consuming. Automation can minimize the chances of errors that occur in financial reporting. Knowing where your payments are, what stage they are in and where the funds have come from is very important for businesses of any size.

In addition, if you are paying in a foreign currency, you must also consider exchange rates. And, all taxes withholding should be accountable. Having a global AP solution that automates payment tracking gives the accounting department a real-time insight into payments made, when checks are cashed, and why payments are rejected, thus streamlining payment reconciliation and closure procedures.

These strategies can help you better manage and scale your business while reducing your risk exposure.

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