4 Qualities you want in your Employees

Employees come with different qualities, skills, and experiences. More than any other, here are four…

Employees come with different qualities, skills, and experiences. More than any other, here are four qualities you want your employees to have.

Proactivity: Proactivity is one of the most important qualities you want in your employees. There are a number of ways employees can contribute to the organization. Often, this is not strictly limited to their job roles. We have examples where employees in top companies go out of their way to take on tasks that are not strictly under their purview and going on to find effective solutions to problems. This is what you need from your employees. They shouldn’t be sitting in their bob; they should be proactive and explore everything about them.

Curiosity: Curiosity may have killed the cat but nothing happens in organizations without curious employees. Employees should be thirsty to learn new things and improve themselves. They should grow along with the organization and be the reason for success.

Planning: In many organizations, things happen in an ad hoc manner without the right kind of planning. Poor plans result in poor execution and lack of growth. You want employees who plan properly and execute their plans efficiently. They should be able to account for any delays or obstacles that might occur and prepare their plans accordingly.

Positive attitude: Different employees have different capabilities and they affect the organization differently. We cannot expect all our employees to perform at the peak level but we can expect them all to have a positive attitude which can make the difference for them and their colleagues. They can have a lasting impression on the workplace and the people by displaying a positive attitude.

Of course, organizations pay a big role in inculcating these qualities in employees. Here are some tips on watching out for unhappy employees and improving employee satisfaction.

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