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Are you Managing Business Expenses the Right Way?

There are a lot of reasons that explain why business travel is gaining a lot of importance these days. Business expansions, on-site projects, and client meets are some of the reasons for employees to plan for business travel. Though you have some policies in place, you can’t assure whether all the expenses are in line with the company’s policy.

Even though companies have a system to reduce expense fraud, it does not work the way it should. The number of travel transactions in an organization ranges from hundreds to thousands each year. Hence, approving expense reports seems to be a big headache for accountants. Deadlines and the sheer volume of requisitions are a few factors that make expense report management a tedious task for the finance department.

Expense report software like SutiExpense helps your business keep going at pace and checks whether all the expenses claimed meet the organization’s expense policy. The software flags all the expense claims that fall out of compliance. Also, SutiExpense offers many features like pre-trip authorization, auto-capturing receipts, supporting multiple currencies, mileage verification, and so on. All these features will help you verify and validate all the expenses submitted for reimbursement.

In addition to this, expense management software can ensure that every expense request will be claimed as per the company’s policy. Expense management software not only provides you the invaluable information about your business expense but can also provide the detailed analytics that can help you to track employee expenses.

This way, you will don’t have to bother about validating the expense receipts as everything will be taken care of by expense report software.