Key Features That Simplify Wireless Expense Management

Today, employees from higher level to field officers are demanding the ability to complete their work with mobile devices. Organizations need to adopt mobility because it improves employees’ productivity as well as the business. Mobile spends are the one of the fast growing IT costs that many organizations face. Robust features of wireless expense management software offer great insights into business wireless expenses and help manage it efficiently.

Robust dashboards:

The cloud-based solution provides advanced dashboards which can be accessed from anywhere/anytime. The system improves strategic decision-making and control of the most complicated expense management programs like business BYOD and other services.

Bill management and optimization:

All most all enterprises use more than one carrier. It is difficult for them to allocate costs from various monthly invoices and to analyze all the wireless resource management data involved in multi-carrier arrangements. By using this software you can combine all the invoices from your mobile carriers into a single bill that can be paid according to the scheduled period.

Considering your usage pattern the software provides plan alternatives along with the estimated savings. It will help make data-driven decisions that will eliminate waste and reduce your mobile investments. Invoice validation corrects mistakes made by the carriers in their charges to you.

Real-time reporting:

The system provides timely and accurate data to all the stakeholders through a centralized web-portal. From employees to higher authorities this capability allows better management and compliance by all users.


Self-service functionality empowers your mobile workforce. They can easily perform bill management, order placement, inventory management, and contracts validation all under managerial visibility. It helps your employees get quick reports on their mobile usage and areas of savings.

With all the above features, SutiWEM-S offers you a holistic approach to manage your wireless expenses.