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Automate your Payment Processes with SutiInvoice

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Accounts payable department spends a lot of time collecting, matching and verifying the invoices that they get from suppliers. Around 75% of invoices involve paper. Managing all these invoices in a timely fashion requires you to spend a lot of time organizing the receipts. With SutiInvoice, companies can manage their travel and expense invoices much more efficiently without wasting too much of their productive time.

SutiInvoice Software helps you manage to spend from authorization to supplier payment efficiently. The software allows you to ensure that all the requisitions and invoices comply with the organization’s approval processes through automated workflow procedures. Also, the software gives you the flexibility you need for requisitions, purchase orders, invoice, and reporting capabilities. The automated software would support the pre-approval process and match PO’s automatically so that you can eliminate manual processes.

SutiInvoice supports various invoice capture methods like e-invoices, paper invoices, and emailed invoices. The software expedites the payment process by reducing bottlenecks and delays with automated payment processes. The reports, dashboards and key metrics allow you to analyze your invoices and figure out areas to negotiate better deals with top vendors.

Using invoicing software you can generate purchase orders, capture invoices, match invoices to the approved purchase orders, and gain visibility over the entire procure-to-payment processes. Also, you can closely monitor spend and negotiate with suppliers so that costs can be controlled. In fact, the software helps you get rid of unauthorized spending and reduce overheads associated with the payment processes.