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Candidate Experience and Its’ Importance in Recruitment

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Candidate experience is the opinion of a job seeker about a prospective company. From the initial job search through the onboarding process, all of the interactions during the recruitment process impact the candidate experience.

Candidate Experience

Stages in recruitment that influence candidate experience

Job Search
• Easy to find careers page
• Clear job description

Job Application
• Clear application instructions
• Easy/short application process

• Confirmation emails
• Follow-up emails
• Thank you emails

• Automated messages
• Call from the recruiter

• Calendar invitations
• Information about the interview process

• Welcome emails
• Impose teamwork

• Analyze candidate behavior
• Fine-tune hiring funnel

Treating candidates well send out a message that employees are also treated well, which will increase your ability to find the best talent.

Why candidate experience matters?

  • Nearly 78% will tell their family and frinds about a bad interview experience.
  • 19% will post about it on social media
  • 4% talent is 4x more likely to accept a job offer if constructive feedback is offered.
  • 68% job seekers say the interview experience impacts their decision to join the company.


Poor candidate experience and its impact:

  • Less appeal to top talents
  • Lower employee engagement
  • Poor brand image
  • Negative effect on company culture
  • Decline in revenue and profitability
  • Reduces business productivity

When working on improving candidate experience, look into the following areas:

  • Your company career site and job descriptions
  • Recruitment marketing and social media outreach
  • The online job application process
  • The interview process
  • Follow-up communication once interviews are scheduled/completed
  • Rejection or job offer
  • Offer negotiation and acceptance
  • New hire onboarding.

Benefits of providing good candidate experience:

  • Attract better talent
  • Reduced cost to hire
  • Increased employee referrals
  • Increased retention of good people
  • Better onboarding rates
  • Improves your brand as an employer
  • Better ROI

A solid candidate experience strategy is not an option; it’s mandatory.

The key component of developing a great candidate experience is communication, which can be effectively automated if you have an advanced recruitment system.

Give SutiHR a try and fully optimize your recruitment functions.

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