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Centralized Device Management and Maintenance for Continuously Connected Business Operations

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Wireless devices are becoming a part of the critical infrastructure across many organizations regardless of the industry. However, wireless device management has become a difficult task for organizations, and they need a solution that can solve device provisioning and management issues while offering high visibility into device status and usage. Wireless procurement software centralizes device management and provides unique provisioning and device configuration, and offers high security and scalability throughout the device lifecycle.

Before enrolling devices into the corporate network, every wireless device should be brought up to the business standards that include network and performance settings, detailed status reporting, and security and encryption settings. The software enforces a clear device management policy and plan early in the deployment stage which simplifies device administration. Device configuration is not always a one-time task, as the workflow changes as the business expands. It is important to ensure that the devices maintain accurate configuration throughout their lifecycle. The centralized device management software provides consistent device configuration, high security, and future-proofed scalability through a single platform.

Wireless devices require continuous control and change management, and the application provides consistency and visibility into device status to improve uptime and business efficiency. The solution ensures that the device pool is synchronized and updated and offers a unified management tool for device status monitoring. The solution helps you monitor and control applications installed on devices, monitors the use and transfer of data between the mobile devices, and also applies encryption polices for sensitive data.

In order to maximize benefits from enterprise mobility, it is crucial to select the right mobile devices and implement a powerful management solution. Wireless procurement software manages the entire lifecycle of mobile devices from selection-to-removal and offers high security for both business-owned and BYOD devices. The system streamlines inventory management, improves compliance, and helps create a more agile workplace.