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Craft your Wireless Usage Policy Carefully to Gain Control Over Mobile Expenses

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It might appear obvious, however without a carefully crafted wireless use policy, an organization stands minimal chance of gaining control over its mobile expenses. The spread of smart devices in an increasingly mobile workplace makes the necessity for a wireless usage policy all the more urgent. By instituting a carefully-crafted wireless use policy, companies can achieve substantial RoI. Using a mobile expense management solution reinforces data & application security and spells out objective criteria for taking action such as refuting network access or remotely wiping a device. A detailed mobile wireless use policy helps control more than just costs, it also boosts cyber security and employee productivity by giving the IT team significant control over what devices are used & how.

Initially, organize a steering committee that and at a minimum includes members from IT, finance, and various other business units to ensure that all parties with a stake in the policy are generally heard. Set goals for the policy that shall be the steering committee’s first order of business. Narrow the details, such as the types of devices that will be used, who will be given a device by the enterprise and who will be covered under BYOD.

It may be most economical for employees to buy their own devices through the organization so that everyone can enjoy the advantage gained from volume pricing. Be sure that employees know who will pay for what. Consider liabilities when staff handle sensitive information on their device. The enterprise also must consider whether to include prohibited data uses. Don’t neglect security when considering liabilities. It is important that information regarding mobile wireless policy enforcement must be shared with all the staff. With any new policy, it is advisable to test how well it works with devices & applications from a sample of users from each department or work group.

For successful implementation of wireless usage policy under wireless expense management program, the policy created must be reviewed each year, at least, and if there are any changes in the policy then the staff must be communicated the same and given a deadline for their acceptance.