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CRM Integration: 3 Key Marketing Benefits

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Marketing is the most important aspect of a successful business. Even if your business produces the best quality products and offers better service than your competitors, without a proper marketing strategy it’s difficult to reach potential customers.

Integration of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution into your marketing campaign aides your business to function properly. It enables marketers to improve lead quality, track marketing spends, effectively segment customer database, increase targeting capabilities, and automate marketing communications.

Let’s discuss the three key benefits of integrating customer relationship management software into your marketing programs:

  1. Improves Lead Quality

Whenever a web form is submitted, marketing automation software automatically captures the data and stores it in the online CRM software. Marketers can use this data to score and grade the leads so that the most qualified leads are passed on to the sales team. The lead scoring is measured based on the prospect’s interest in your business product or service and the lead grade measures the prospect’s fit.

In a cloud CRM system, the lead qualification process is automated. When a lead reaches a threshold score and grade points, the CRM system automatically assigns the lead to a sales representative.

  1. Provides Visibility Into Customer Behavior

Customers are the key to business growth. The more you understand your customers, the better you can target them with personalized messages and emails.

Marketing automation tools integrated with your CRM system can capture customer-relevant data and online customer behavior patterns. The collected customer data provides insights on how online users reached your website, which pages they visited, how much time they spent on your website, at which page they have left your website, and even where they went next. Besides, this kind of similar technology can be implemented in your email marketing campaigns that can help the sales team analyze buyers’ interests, tastes, purchase habits, and pain points.

  1. Effective in Customer Segmentation

Once you know completely about your customer’s digital footprints, online behavior patterns, past and current purchases, interests, etc. it becomes easy for marketing professionals to segment customers and divides them into specific groups. Instead of sending mixed messages to the customers, segmentation enables the marketing team to send personalized and targeted messages. For example: If a user subscribes to your email newsletters, once their contact information is stored in the database you can automatically send them the latest email newsletter updates instead of sending an invitation to subscribe to your email newsletters which can annoy your customers.

Integration of CRM solutions into your marketing strategy provides invaluable benefits to your marketing programs. From improving lead quality to the closing of deals successfully to automating the marketing communications’, marketers can see many more added advantages with CRM integration in their marketing system.

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