CRM Software in 2016 – What Can You Look Forward To?

The Customer relationship management (CRM) software market has been growing impressively over the years as more and more organizations are waking up to its potential. More connected devices, SaaS method of delivery, and analytics are some of the factors driving this growth. So, with this trend set to continue in the future, what can you, the user, look forward to in 2016?

Mobility: Gone are the days when you had to log into the software application from your desktop. Almost all the CRM software vendors today offer native mobile applications or mobile websites and those that don’t are working towards it. This means that you can now be completely mobile and handle your business on the move. With these mobile applications offering almost all the features of the desktop application, you won’t miss anything important. Mobility looks set for a huge improvement in 2016.

Better integration: Though CRM software includes all the business processes that interact with customers, it has largely been seen and used as sales force automation software. Marketing and customer support, the other functions in CRM, are handled using other applications. However, that is changing, and today, CRM software platforms are offering the complete range of capabilities to manage all the processes from one interface.

Sales and marketing functions have to work closely together and have a ton of data to share with customer support, and these needs can be satisfied by integrated online CRM software platforms.

Data-driven approach: With so many connected devices and so much data being collected, organizations are presented with a great opportunity to exchange their gut and instinct for hard data and data-driven approaches to CRM. Be it sales, marketing, or support, armed with the abundance of data and CRM analytics tools, sales reps, marketing professionals, and customer support reps can be much better at their respective jobs. This is one trend that will grow exponentially as more and more organizations see the value in targeting and tailoring their solutions for individuals.

So, ring out the old, and ring in the new. Make a resolution to weed out all the bad practices and implement the best practices in CRM at your workplace. Happy New Year.

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