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Does Mileage Tracking Really Help Combat Expense Fraud?

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Mileage claims are one of the most common expense fraud practices that cannot be avoided by any organization. As a lot of such claims will be recorded as expense line items in the report, it becomes difficult for auditors to review and recheck the claims, but SutiExpense makes it super easy by tracking everything through GPS.

Now there is no need to battle with paper log books and manual filings, the number of miles you traveled can be recorded via GPS. This mileage tracking feature would be an added advantage for enterprises as you need not personally submit the data.

There is nothing your employees need to do, they just need to turn on their GPS while starting for a conference or meeting. The application will calculate the number of miles they have traveled and records the distance in Km. In this way, you can get the accurate miles an employee has traveled while on the business trip. Also, as the locations can be tracked, you can know whether your employees have traveled where they were supposed to go.

As everything can be recorded, employees can simply email their report from smartphone to the application and log a claim. This saves a lot of time for both employees and auditors, as everything can be recorded automatically. You need not rekey any data and the same data can be automatically imported to the expense application wherein you can add it to the expense report. This system would surely differentiate the business travel with personal travel, and make everything easy to manage.