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Eliminate B2B Check Payments and Switch to an Automated Accounts Payable Software

Switch to an Automated Accounts Payable Software
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When your organization is mainly depending on check payments, believe it or not, you are paying more than the original amount. The electronic mode of payments can eliminate the hard costs which involve paperwork, time spent to stuff those payments inside envelopes, postage and more, getting rid of these processes has benefitted the organizations that have replaced the paper check method for B2B payments by embracing new technology.

Here, we present a few benefits for businesses that adapt to electronic payments.

1. Leverage an Automated Accounts Payable Software

The best way to optimize the entire process of moving from B2B check payments to an electric mode of payment is by accounts payable process automation. The method includes automating vendor invoice capturing, receiving payment authorization from management, securing the invoices, and executing payments. After all, these are taken care of properly, and it becomes more comfortable for you to match every invoice in a payment run to the most beneficial electronic payment technique in just a few clicks.

2. Enhance Working Capital Benefits and the Process of Cash Flow

Electronic payments have enhanced cash flow. Settlement period is accelerated when compared to paper checks and sent through emails for organizations making ACH transfers. You can wait till the last date of payment before returning the finance owed to suppliers by leveraging corporate credit cards. It is a unique way to enhance capital as most business credit cards include cash back rebates.

Corporate credit cards for paying supplier invoices can offer a significant revenue stream. These processes improve the amount of cash on hand and capital expenses. It helps your organization to use a corporate credit card for the maximum amount of payments as much as possible.

3. Minimize the Risk of Fraudulent Activities and Eradicate Hard Costs

Along with enhancing short term cash flow, leveraging business credit cards for paying supplier invoices helps in eradicating hard costs made by B2B check payments. Such expenses include envelopes to posting checks and late fees along with the time taken to process paper check payments.

Paper check payments are the biggest target for any fraudulent activities when compared to electronic payments. According to a survey by the Association for Finance Professionals, almost 75% of finance leaders reported that their company’s check payments got exposed to fraudulent activities. Invoice processing electronically can cost 95% less than the paper checks.

The Bottom Line

Replacing the paper check payments with an automated accounts payable solution will enable organizations to cut off a large number of unnecessary costs, reduce fraudulent activities, and help to maintain proper cash flow for the business.

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