Enterprise Mobility Management Improves Workforce Management

The complexity of mobile billing and services is increasing with the increase in the number of mobile devices used in the organizations. Enterprise mobility management helps find ways to optimize services, eliminate errors, and improve vendor relationships. The software solution manages the entire lifecycle of the corporate mobile devices and ensures that the employees have what they need to work efficiently while mobile.

Enterprise mobility can be achieved with an accurate inventory of mobile devices. Organizations should be aware of the number of mobile devices in their network, how many of them are being used, and who uses them. The software maintains an inventory of all mobile devices that enter your business network and tracks the cost associated to each device. It discovers the unused, stolen or lost devices which are still active and removes from the network.

Organizations have stacks of invoices from different service providers and it takes countless hours to manually process all these invoices. Invoice processing can get delayed without the proper solution and businesses get penalized for late payments. The software automatically verifies each and every invoice, minimizes the invoice processing time, and notifies you about missing invoices. It eliminates the causes of late payment fees. Clearing invoices on time can improve vendor relationship and helps you avail discounts.

The application sets service plans based up on the employee’s role and ensures all employees are on the right service plan. The software helps you gain high visibility into mobile spends, and also identifies cost saving opportunities across the entire mobile network. The online solution can be accessed by any authorized user and acts as a centralized management and control system of all mobile devices.

Enterprise mobility management optimizes your enterprise mobility by reducing costs and eliminating waste. The software helps you create a competitive edge by empowering employees to leverage the benefits of mobility.