Now Export Data from SutiExpense to NetSuite with the Click of a Button

SutiExpense, SutiSoft’s online expense report software solution, has been integrated with the NetSuite accounting software solution to enable users of both solutions to share data from one application to another with the click of a button. With this integration, SutiExpense finance users can import data related to employee expense reports into the NetSuite application in a matter of seconds, which enables them to complete their reimbursements in a timely manner.

Why the integration?

SutiExpense is expense management software that allows users to report their expenses in a streamlined and efficient manner with minimal effort. For these expenses to be reimbursed, data from these reports has to be entered into the accounting solution the organization uses. This can be automated or done manually.

However, for large organizations which process hundreds of reports in a day, this can become very cumbersome, not to mention error-prone. Therefore, a simple workaround to this data entry will save them a lot of time and effort. With this integration, users can import accurate data in a few seconds and carry on with reimbursements. That makes this integration critical.

How does it work?

SutiExpense administrators will enable the NetSuite option for finance users. Once this is done, the finance user goes to the page which lists all the consolidated reports and clicks the Export button to send the data to the accounting software application. The user is prompted for the NetSuite credentials, and once the right credentials are entered, the data is now imported into NetSuite.

It’s that easy. No more manual data entries or wasting productive time. Just a click of a button and you move mountains of data, if not actual mountains.

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