Wireless Procurement System: One-Stop Shop for Managing Your Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility boosts productivity by empowering your employees to work from anytime anywhere. It helps you respond more quickly to business opportunities. However, mobility has its own challenges like device acquisition and deployment. A wireless procurement system enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of business-owned wireless devices from procurement and invoice reconciliation to retirement.

The system helps you obtain more predictable pricing of wireless devices. It provides a range of services like consulting on device selection to continuous management and device disposal. The simple-to-use software improves the speed of wireless device deployment along with the user experience. Your employees can receive ready to use devices, which helps them become more productive quickly.

Wireless procurement software offers you a cost-effective way to deal with new wireless device acquisitions. It manages your orders from order-designing to receipt and invoice settlements. The system maintains an online catalog of pre-approved equipment where you can select devices based upon your needs. It also avoids the logistical challenges of exchanging the wireless devices that are no longer needed by your employees.

The inbuilt order management dashboard allows authorized employees to view and place orders for new device acquisition and deployment. The system also provides the access to view the status of the orders. It records the receipt of devices and services from all vendors into an inventory database. A comprehensive wireless procurement software solution combines the tools and skills that support the full wireless lifecycle irrespective of device type.

Wireless procurement systems simplify the procurement process and minimize interruptions related to deployments. They help you achieve a streamlined management of the complete wireless device lifecycle. The functionalities offered by this software meet your mobility needs and enable you to take advantage of mobility’s capability to improve business operations.