How Can Business Expense Report Software Make me Look Good?

Expense Report SoftwareThe long list of benefits that come with a well-designed, customized online expense report software include one that any corporate employee appreciates:

It makes you look good to the boss, because it makes her or him look good up the line!

You cannot discount this effect. A good decision, well implemented, gives you permission to take more initiatives that make sense, so it can be a real career booster. Once you generate a track record of success in automating one business process, you gain the chance to recommend SaaS-based software for other processes and further burnish your savvy reputation.

How does converting to an automated expense reporting process make you look good? Let’s review just a few:

Reams of paper saved, which is a hard cost savings you can quantify: Conservatively estimage 3 sheets of paper per report, multiply by the number of reports processed annually.

Reduced man-hours by converting to an electronic update of approved report data into your accounting system: business expense report software easily integrates with most accounting systems, and can be built using your GL Codes.

Reduced errors by loading GL codes, project codes and/or client codes into the expense report software: Employees have all codes available with one mouse click, so it’s harder for them to mis-code an expense.

Better insight into expense trends and totals: T&E expenses can take up as much as 10% of a large company’s budget. Offer your senior executives faster and more accurate visibility into that significant budget items with reports customized to your needs.

Inexpensive solutions: SutiExpense is known for highly affordable set-up costs, and pricing options that fit well into your financial administration budget.

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The only downside to gaining a reputation for making smart decisions is the chance that greater exposure to senior managers may attract more high-profile projects. Would that be a big burden to bear?

We look forward to hearing how your SaaS-software solutions for business processing are generating those cost and time-saving benefits!

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