How CRM Data Benefits Your Marketing Team

How CRM Data Benefits Your Marketing Team

Do you think the benefits of a CRM system are only confined to the sales department? No? Let me inform you why it is so much more beneficial than you previously believed. The CRM (i.e., Customer Relationship Management) system is a high-profit driven technology which is used by the sales department to manage the sales lead, maintain the sales database, and close the sales opportunities successfully. The marketing team can also take the best advantage from the CRM solution as well. You can integrate the CRM system with your marketing automation software to gain the maximum benefits the system can provide.

Here are a few additional reasons how a CRM system can benefit your marketing team with devising effective marketing strategies:

  1. Create Automated Alerts

Using the CRM system, you can create automated alerts and triggers in order to notify team members about the important events and tasks. For example, you want your subscriber to receive a follow-up call after one week of subscription to get a better understanding of how he or she is enjoying with newsletters. Then, you can create and setup an automated alert to remind you about the subscription call. Additionally, you can also use the automated alerts in the CRM system for up-coming marketing activities, email campaigns, marketing events, etc.

These automated alerts can help your marketing team to effectively utilize the wealth of information presented in the CRM system. This creates a clear visibility of where the leads are present in the CRM system, gives you the ability to actively follow-up with leads and prospects, track the behavior and spending habits of your leads, and increase the sales process speed overall.

  1. Provide Consistent Messages

The advantages of CRM system are that it allows you to track and monitor leads, customers’, and prospects’ current behaviors, past purchases, spending habits, geographical locations, requirements, preferences, interests, tastes, personal data, social media accounts, etc. All these valuable insights create an opportunity for the marketing department to provide the consistent and proper marketing messages on a timely basis. For instance, someone has subscribed to your newsletter and even after the subscription, you are still sending the same invitation e-mail asking to subscribe. This can irritate your clients.

You can carefully analyze and segment the collected customer data into the various targeted groups, which can help you to add more value to your marketing content as well as send the relevant and consistent marketing messages.

  1. Gather Valuable Customer Insights

CRM is a wealth of information. On a single CRM database, you can add tons of information. By having accurate and useful CRM data, you can enable your marketing team to develop a better understanding of its customers’. For example, one of your customers’ has attended the seminar and collected the details. Later, when your sales team follows up the same customer, they figure out that the customer has hated the seminar and never wants to attend it again.

This kind of valuable data can help your marketing team to implement better marketing strategies, develop a stronger sense of customer engagement, and cease the sending of the seminar invitations to customers’ who hate attending the seminar. This can result in increased customer retention and an accelerated sales cycle.

Are you using the integrated solution of marketing automation and CRM software? No! Then it’s time to synchronize the CRM data with the marketing automation software, as it can help the marketing department to optimize the valuable customer insights they discover and clearly understand the customers’ actions and preferences.

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