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How to Save Money with Wireless Expense Management Software

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The demand for wireless devices used in the corporate environment is increasing rapidly, and businesses need to monitor and manage their wireless spends more carefully than ever. In this blog, we present a few tips that help you cut mobile spends with a robust wireless expense management solution.

Eliminate unnecessary roaming charges

Location-based controls help you in finding employees roaming internationally and sending notifications that force a user to acknowledge that he/she is roaming internationally and could realize very high charges for roaming data usage. The IT administrators can turn off data access remotely, or alternatively, associate the subject wireless device with the respective service plan with the carrier to avoid excess charges for international roaming.

Minimize overage charges

Rate plan analysis (RPA) for service plans eliminates carrier charges for usage overages on voice, text, and data services. Real-time alerts triggered on threshold excess usage levels and automated upgrading of mobile plans can be executed to map employees to optimal plans.

Avoid penalties

Automated invoice management can ensure timely payment of mobile bills and prevent any carrier imposed late payment penalties on unpaid or lost bills, and related service interruptions or disconnections.

Disconnect unused phones and recycle devices

When an employee leaves the organization or moves to another business location, make sure that the unused devices are disconnected and that the lines and services are reallocated. With regular wireless audits, you can eliminate zero usage lines. Up-to-date audits can also surface unused device line items that can be recycled, auctioned, or destroyed as appropriate.

If you want to save money on your corporate wireless expenses, implement these tips along with a wireless expense solution.