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HR Management Software Helps Navigate a Jam-Packed 2014 Calendar

HR management software can help keep you compliant by automating certain tasks, making employee communications more efficient, and capturing the needed ?paper trail? more easily.

It can also free your HR team from rote tasks, leaving more time for strategic partnership initiatives to help drive up talent quality and productivity.

But you still have to drive your HR system by programming in all the tasks and writing and scheduling all the needed communications.

To help with that responsibility, here is a link to a typical HR ?event calendar? that can serve as a starting point for scheduling out events for the next year:

HR Event Calendar

This particular calendar is for California, but many of the listed events are national, like Employee Health and Fitness Month in May, or Native American Heritage Month in November.

Depending on how centralized your HR functions are, you would revise this to create state-specific calendars or a master calendar for administrators to follow.

This also becomes the planning template for your HR communications calendar, which flows into how you set up
your software to support your action plan for each event.

This is not just a burden, either. Each event gives you the opportunity to support employee engagement by clearly communicating benefits, development opportunities, and actively supporting diversity in your workplace.

How has your human resource management software aided or hindered your ability to keep on top of all the important events on the HR calendar??Do you think you have taken full advantage of all its tools in building effective employee engagement initiatives?

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