HRM Mistakes you don’t want to Make – Part Two

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In the last post, we saw how the HRM function, one of the most important business functions of any organization, can also make some mistakes which will prove detrimental to the future of the organization. In this post, we’ll continue the same and look at a few more.

Not having one at all:

This is not so much a mistake as a bad practice. Some organizations do away with the business unit completely and outsource some of the essential activities like payroll management and benefits administration.

However, it has to be remembered that the responsibility of the Human Resource Management(HRM) is not only paying your employees. Activities like employee engagement and grievance redressal are just as much a part of the HR’s responsibilities.

Without a dedicated unit, these could be ignored, which is not good for the employees.

Shoddy record keeping:

One of the most important responsibilities of the HRM is maintaining employee documents safely. They also have to frame the HR policies and guidelines. If the HR’s record keeping skills are shoddy, these things get missed as well.

Not providing timely feedback:

For an employee to grow, he/she has to be provided feedback constantly. If the HR is simply lazy or if the company policy overlooks this aspect, employee growth will be stunted.

Enacting restrictive policies:

Employees need an environment in which they are nurtured and their skills are honed. To create this environment, the organization’s policies should be liberal while being firm at the same time. If the HR creates restrictive policies that stifle the creativity of employees, employees will be unable to express themselves, which will be reflected in the quality of their work.


I’ve saved the best one for the last. Perhaps no other mistake in this list will prove as costly as hiring mistakes. If the HR hires employees for the organization who do not fit the culture and who do not have the talent or the aptitude, business suffers badly.

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