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Identifying and Developing Team Players

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Share the post Every organization wants its employees to be team players. After all, individuals…

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Every organization wants its employees to be team players. After all, individuals add more value if they work together as a team, and teams, more than individuals, make the difference for organizations. In this post, we will talk about identifying and developing team players.

Proactivity and consistency: Proactivity and consistency are two of the most important qualities that every good team player must have. In a team, everyone must contribute for it to be successful, and proactive employees who are consistent in their operations make for good team mates.

Communication: A good team player is a good communicator. In businesses, often, communication or the lack of it is te difference between success and failure. A good team player ensures that his or her communication is always good and effective.

Attitude: Attitude often separates a good team player from others. A good team player has a good attitude in approach towards work and other aspects of work.

Punctuality: You can identify good team players by their time and attendance data. Good team players are punctual and set an example for others. They make sure that they don’t waste time nor stay away from work for a long time.

Now that we have seen some qualities of effective team players, here are some pointers on developing them:

Feedback: One of the best ways to have effective team players is to have a good feedback mechanism in place. Without feedback, employees cannot improve from their current levels of performance. A program should be incorporated where senior employees periodically offer feedback to others.

Training & development: One way to make employees good team players is to train them to be that way. By giving employees adequate training and development, businesses can ensure that their employees are being good team players.

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