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Importance of Continuous Feedback in Performance Management

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The purpose of performance reviews in an organization is to guide and motivate the workforce, along with promoting their growth and achieving business goals. But, in most companies, appraisals take place once in a year, and it is only at this time that the managers and employees discuss and review the previous year’s performance.

Employees find it difficult to raise their issues and also the decisions may affect the final outcome due to a restricted view of the managers. The once in a year appraisal process creates stress and dissatisfaction in the workforce.

Businesses are realizing that the dynamic nature of the work environment, constant employee growth and skill development, make it necessary to review and update employee goals including the overall performance process regularly. Organizations can transform the appraisal process by making continuous feedback an integral part of the performance management process.

Regular feedback gives managers the capability to train employees to become better at their job and set them up for long-term career success. When businesses learn how to give feedback in real time, either in the context of work or an individual’s career development, it becomes meaningful and easier for the workforce to apply.

Proper implementation of the continuous feedback practice will enable managers to provide role clarity, keep the goals and the workforce efforts relevant to active business objectives, keep track of employee growth, provide necessary training, motivate and appreciate employee efforts, and create a good work relationship with them. In turn, this will help employers develop focused, engaged employees and move towards completing business goals.

Employees should enter the workplace knowing they have opportunities to improve and advance in their career. Continuous feedback plays an important role in the appraisal process; to embrace it, organizations need to be agile and proactive to gain the benefits of the practice. When organizations fully embrace continuous feedback, it can change the entire demeanor of the workforce.

A robust performance management system enables businesses to inspire and engage employees with real-time feedback and appreciation.The system enables employees to provide timely appreciations to team members, peers, and managers.

This enhances team spirit, collaboration, and also provides greater job satisfaction to the employees. Managers can provide useful feedback to employees at any time. It helps businesses establish a healthy collaboration between managers and employees for continuous growth.

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