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Interview Gaffes-Turned-Funny Encounters

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An interview is the usual gateway for anyone seeking to gain employment in an organization. In today’s world, there are lots of openings in diverse streams and the candidates are just as diverse. The experience of an interview is never quite the same and brings out many emotions in people! Some are challenging, some are easy, some good, some bad, and sometimes, just plain hilarious!

Here are a few such experiences I collected from my friends.

Special ringtone spells trouble

A friend of mine forgot to change the audio profile of his mobile to ‘Silent’ while attending an interview only to receive a call from his dad right then! His ring tone for his father was a version of My Dad by Bryant Oden, especially the part that says “Sure sometimes he’s a little bit grumpy. Sure sometimes I’m the reason why.”

This left one deeply embarrassed and the other laughing for five minutes!

What interview? Which company?

This is another story about the same guy. After his first interview which went on for more than 2 hours, he was exhausted, hungry, and very late. Trying to sneak in another interview before lunch, he attended the second one during which the interviewer asked him, “what do you know about our company?” My friend was in the middle of a detailed answer when the interviewer cut him short, wished him the best with his career, and told him that he could go.

It was only when he came out that he realized that he spoke about the first company during the second interview!

Cocky much?

Programmers will perhaps relate to this. Another friend attended an interview where he was asked “how much do you rate yourself in Java?” Cocky that he is, he replied that he would give himself 10 out of 10 when the interviewer pulled out his written test to show that he had answered only one out of the ten questions right!

I nearly burst laughing when he told me how he beat a fast exit!


Ever been proposed during an interview?

A friend of mine recently attended an interview in a reputed company for the position of Special Assistant to the Director. After the initial remarks and some questions about her previous experience, the conversation turned personal as the interviewer peppered her with questions about her personal life. The final straw came when he asked her out for dinner, after which she stood up to leave. That was when the Director confessed to her that he liked her as soon as he saw her and ended up proposing to her right there!

She couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Have some similar stories to share? Let us know!

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