Latest Updates to SutiHR

Here is a summary of the latest updates to SutiHR, our online HR management software…

Human Resource Software Updates - SutiHR

Here is a summary of the latest updates to SutiHR, our online HR management software solution:

  • HR managers can send emails such as interview invitations, announcements, rejection and confirmation letters and more to multiple candidates concurrently.
  • HR managers can create email templates with a default subject, and any email created in the application can be saved as a template before being sent.
  • Email reminders are automatically sent to interview panel members half-an-hour before the scheduled interview time. Notifications about the interview feedback are also sent once the interview has concluded.
  • An email log option allows HR managers to view the delivery status of an email, if the employee viewed the email, plus more; keeping track of the emails that are sent to candidates during the hiring process.
  • At any stage (except onboarding) of the hiring process, HR managers can archive a resume. Resumes that are archived will not be available in the hiring pipeline so as to reduce clutter.
  • All archived records are made available on the resumes page (Recruitment | Resumes)where HR managers can restore the resumes to their previous stage if they decide to revisit a particular candidate.
  • HR managers also have an option to ‘reject and archive’ a resume at the same time.
  • HR managers can view the complete history of the application status at any stage of the hiring process.
  • HR managers can send documents (eSign and non-eSign) to applicants at any stage of the hiring process.
  • Team leads/line managers can now view their team members’ personal, education, experience, requests, training, and job details. HR admins have an option to restrict the managers’ view of these tabs if required.
  • My Team dashboard provides quick access to team leads/line managers to view their team records, time off and reminders.
  • HR managers have the ability to restrict managers’ view of the performance review assessments given by the peer or other managers.
  • Upload file option allows HR managers to add instructions to performance review templates in different file formats.
  • HR managers can now customize the review template background if needed.
  • The Performance dashboard now displays ‘Review Status Statistics’.
  • HR managers have an option to cancel the reviews that have started and are in-process.
  • HR managers can now view the ratings given by each reviewer for each question type.
  • If enabled, the review process will be completed only when the ‘In-person Review Meeting’ is approved by the HR manager.
  • Peer names are not displayed on the appraisal form.
  • Performance of payroll generation is enhanced; HR managers can now generate payroll files more quickly.

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