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Make Business Expense Tracking Easy

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A cloud-based solution to manage business expenses is less time-consuming than manual expense report processing. It eliminates the need for collecting, storing, submitting, and tracking cumbersome paper expense reports and receipts. Online expense report software is an online expense management portal where all these processes are automated. It helps you manage the entire expense report process from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

This software gives access to automatic credit card statement reporting, receipt management, online approvals, expense policy enforcement, and more. The expense report process is not an easy one, but the entire entire process can be managed online by submitting, approving and reimbursing employee expense reports for an entire company through one portal.

Highlights of online expense report software

Pre-Trip Authorization: This software allows you to create and submit travel Requests for approval before you start your trip. You can now create a Travel Request by creating estimates of your expected expenses and then submit the same for approval. Once you return from your trip, these requests can be converted to expense reports. There is no need to re-enter the data. Online expense report software saves time and energy for everyone involved in the process.

Currency Conversion: This software supports multiple currencies and conversions can happen automatically. The solution automatically pulls exchange rates based on the date of the expense and the currency selected. The user get the ability to override the exchange rate if needed.

Mobile Access: This software gives the flexibility to access the solution while traveling by using the mobile app on your smartphones. You can now create, submit, and approve expense reports through icon-driven menus and screens. You can attach receipts, view company policies, and perform most functions from your smartphone.

Integration: Travel and expense management software can be easily integrated with other third-party applications to increase the product’s scope. It can also integrate with both on-premise and on-demand applications to provide the company with a robust one-stop solution that can do a lot more than simple expense reporting.

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