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Make Time and Attendance Management Easy with SutiHR

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Time and attendance management is a crucial function for every enterprise. Accurate data helps in processing payroll quickly and efficiently while complying with the regulations. If your organization relies on manual time tracking methods, you will face lot of issues like inefficiency and inaccuracy. Modern companies are moving the processes from desktop to the cloud. Following are a few benefits that HR management software brings in when implemented:

Eliminate paper & excel-based tracking

Manual time and attendance tracking systems can make your organization sluggish and inaccurate. Imagine an organization that has hundreds of employees. You need to deal with hundreds of papers to get basic information about the payroll. And, you need to wait for the approval of managers to get the payroll processed. Manual entry slows the process and paves the way for inefficient routing. To ensure every employee’s pay and time off are issued correctly, it is better to use a cloud-based solution that allows you to centralize the information and access it from anywhere.

Attendance data is complete and accurate

Physically gathering information is always a challenge and most companies require this phase to be completed before starting the payroll process. There is a lot of work to be done once the data is gathered like calculating pay for hours, overtime, and time-off. All these result in errors, delays, and non-compliance whereas in cloud-based systems, information about attendance is available all the time, so that you need not wait for any approval.


Many companies struggle with attendance tracking software because it is difficult to use. Therefore, it is better to try a system that has intuitive workflow and configurability. The attendance tracking system gives you a set of functions through which you can access every detail you need whenever you require. Your time and attendance management system should be a big time saver for you.

If you are looking for such time and attendance management software, SutiHR is an ideal option for you. Besides supporting all the aforementioned features, the software has come with various integrations to make your process trouble-free.

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