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Mobile Apps for Better HR Management

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Managing the company’s workforce is not an easy task; from finding and recruiting top talents to organizing training and employee engagement programs, HR departments have a lot to do. Technology can have a huge impact on and significantly improve HR departments’ services to employees and free up time to focus on other issues, such as planning activities and employee engagement.

HR management software with robust mobile apps offers HR departments the capability for online recruiting, learning, and also provides effective workforce engagement and development.

HR recruitment does not work only in the way of storing, tracking, and managing resumes. The latest mobile recruitment systems enable applicants, managers, and HR recruiters to do a much better job. These mobile applications allow applicants to apply for jobs through their smartphones from any location and to schedule an online video interview.

Mobile apps also help HR recruiters and managers to find and hire the best candidates in a very short period of time.HR managers can track employees’ goal achievements and deliver instant feedback not only once a year, but constantly and permanently.

Employees can easily access their personal information with the mobile applications. They can check time off balances and submit requests from anywhere, anytime. Managers can approve or reject time off requests even when they are away from the office.

With the help of mobile apps employees can easily view their payroll and benefits information and claim files or submit information with the click of a button.

For employees who are always on the road, they may not have seen the HR portal for some time, but, they are always on their mobile device. Publishing important notifications through a mobile RSS type feed may get them to notice about the happenings in the company.

Mobile learning is constantly increasing in HR management. Businesses are implementing mobile learning courses with latest tools that allow employees to learn in a more acceptable and much easier way – whenever they have a few hours of spare time and wherever they are.

Mobile HR software enables businesses to store training materials and videos on the cloud; this helps them provide constant knowledge enhancement and increase workforce engagement.

Mobile HR applications have changed the landscape of HR Management, providing direct information at the fingertips of employees and HR managers. Recent HR management systems with mobile apps offer new opportunities for businesses to reform and enhance their core HR processes and make them more functional by increasing the productivity and improving employees’ satisfaction.

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