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Mobile HR Management Software: For Always-Connected Workforce

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Share the postGlobalization has dramatically changed the face of business. It has expanded the scope…

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Globalization has dramatically changed the face of business. It has expanded the scope of HR management and created a host of new business challenges. Many organizations find it difficult to properly manage a widely scattered, talented, multicultural workforce.

HR management software with mobile apps provides truly global capabilities, including global hiring, employee and manager self-service, plus more. The latest solutions with policy control capabilities also help organizations mitigate compliance risks.

Mobile employee directory apps allow employees to access the organization directory with their smartphones and tablets to get the contact information they need to connect and collaborate with co-workers from anywhere, anytime.

For employees who are always on the road, they may not have seen the HR portal for some time and emails that don’t concern them typically don’t get read. However, they are always on their mobile device. The software solution helps publish important notifications through mobile RSS type feeds.

It notifies them about company news such as an acquisition that is occurring or that the employee stock purchase program is about to start.

A mobile recruiting solution is a great way to keep the applicants engaged while making it through the sometimes tedious hiring process. It is a great medium that helps HR recruiters inform candidates about upcoming interview schedules, provide information about the business, the people they are interviewing with, sharing of recruiting collateral such as videos, and if an offer is extended, they can provide onboarding activities.

The mobile HR software also helps businesses in educational and corporate training activities. It provides remote workers with access to best practices, reference materials, updates regarding new products (for employees who are in sales), and more.

Mobile technology is evolving, as more employees travel for work,wish to work from home or access information remotely. HR departments are relying on the use of online portals to post job advertisements, manage candidate relationships, and review employee performance.

Employees can easily access such portals through mobile devices to update their information and apply for open positions. Having access to the business HR management system via mobile devices allows employees to stay connected with the organization. Moreover, having the right tools at the right time allows employees to make better decisions.

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