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Modernizing Accounting & Finance Operations

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Finance teams are undergoing a rapid change in organizations of all sizes. With technology on the rise, automation takes the job of accounting & administration and finance leaders will work to set the business strategy. Today, the finance industry is recognized as a center of business intelligence. The following are key takeaways from this technological advancement:

Finance team isn’t at the cutting edge

As the finance team manages one of the most business-critical operations in the company, they should be able to improve process efficiencies and adopt new solutions quickly. However, most companies reconcile accounts manually, whereas, others use stand-alone accounting systems and not an integrated accounting software package.

Automation is the answer to compliance

In addition to embracing new technology, companies are worried about compliance costs. Compliance can be achieved easily with technology as every process will be defined in a rule-based manner. Automating AP procedures will improve compliance and ensure that every process is effective.

Investment in technology is increasing

Finance teams always want to make their processes more efficient. Technology can help in eliminating barriers in procurement processes and implementation. Moving financial systems to the cloud will roll out new opportunities to enhance the existing process and eradicate all the problems you encounter during the procure-to-pay cycle.

Agility and automation are the two key factors that allow you to quickly get into the process and pull information as and when required. Automation will save more than half the time you spend on tasks. Every area of the finance department will be streamlined by the cloud-based application. As technology continues to enhance the processes, businesses will have to put an end point to manual work and start freeing up resources to work at a higher level.