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Online Document Management Software – Tips, Concerns, and Considerations – Part Two

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In this series of posts intended to holistically look at online Document Management Software (DMS), we started last week by looking at some concerns that organizations have about this solution. We’ll continue the same in this post.

We need to hire more IT guys: One reason many organizations stay away from technology is the concern they have about hiring more people to manage their IT infrastructure. However, in the case of online DMS, this is not true. An online DMS is akin to a plug and play device. Organizations deploying this software simply have to subscribe to the solution and can start using it. It is hosted by the service provider who also takes on the responsibility of maintaining it and upgrading it as and when necessary. So, in fact, if you have a DMS, you will need less to no IT people, not more.

Everyone can access confidential documents: While one of the benefits of a DMS is that everyone can collaborate, that does not mean that everyone can access every document. Administrators have the rights to assign role-based privileges to users so that employees can access only those documents that they need to.

Should I invest in software that only manages documents? While managing documents is the primary application of a DMS, its capabilities are not limited to that. With a DMS, you can implement clearly-defined workflows so that your processes are efficient and streamlined. Apart from that, it also comes with a team collaboration management module, which allows you to create team spaces which act as online meeting rooms. Team members can chat among themselves, create events and polls, and send emails among themselves.

In the next post, we’ll look at some tips that allow you to get the best out of a DMS. To know more about the features of a DMS, click here.