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SaaS and BYOD Drive Fast Adoption of Expense Report Software

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Interactive SaaS BYODExpense Report SoftwareIT departments often fume over the slow adoption of new business processing tools by salespeople and other non-technical employees, but there is a reason such non-technical teams need extra help adopting all the fancy new interactive tools IT can put in their hands.

Salespeople are not technical folks. They are people folks.

Indeed, that is what makes them effective in their role. So, it is asking a lot of them to shift away from people towards a task like learning how to use a new software tool.

Not to let salespeople off the hook: They should be team players and make the effort to use tools that with just a little effort will make their professional lives more efficient.

Enter the personal mobile device: Even tech-phobic salespeople love their own digital devices, because these new toys are really designed for people like them.

  • They are easy to understand.
  • Their interfaces are designed for the technically clumsy.
  • They are fun to play with.

All this makes it much more attractive for salespeople to interact with software that may also be useful to them professionally!

Bring-Your-Own-Device mash-up with Software-as-a-Service Solves Adoption Problem.

  • Salespeople like using their own smartphones.
  • Their own smartphones can access the company’s SaaS-based expense report software (for instance) anywhere they can get a signal. (BYOD)
  • SaaS solutions offer mobile apps with easy-to-understand employee interfaces. The sales people will be motivated to train themselves!
  • IT likes the simplicity of the installation and maintenance of SaaS solutions.
  • The security features of the software service ensure that safety of corporate IP and data by keeping it off the devices.

In an article on Wired.com, author Rob May points out why SaaS keeps mobile-accessible data safe:

“The use of Google Apps, for example, means that no documents or email messages exist exclusively on any BYOD hardware, minimizing the risk of physical data loss. As Google Apps is accessible by any modern, mainstream browser, it becomes comparatively simple for support staff to ensure that any BYOD laptop, tablet or phone can access the service.”

The fast adoption of mobile interfaces for products like SutiExpense are accelerating the speed with which all employees can adopt new technology and improve a business’ efficiency.

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Are you a technophobe? Have mobile apps really expanded your ability to make your smartphone useful at work? Which apps have you adopted so far?

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