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Streamline the Expense Reimbursement Process and Reduce Costs

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Corporate travelers are the face of the organization. They are the ones who go out to meet the clients and close the deals. It is important for every organization to keep them happy, and one of the best ways to do that is to reimburse their expenses in a timely manner. Expense reimbursement software makes it easy; the sophisticated solution can streamline the complete expense documentation, reporting, and reimbursement processes and significantly reduce both cycle time and costs.

The automated workflow minimizes the hands-on time required by finance team to process reimbursement requests, freeing them to focus more on other productive tasks. The solution with in-built travel booking system maintains all individual charges in a centralized location. Real-time data analytics help identify which employee is overspending on travel bookings.

Combined with clear business travel policies, the solution helps organizations reduce the possibility of fraud. Clarifying business strategies with clear guidelines enables organizations to create a culture of accountability in which employees know what is expected from them, so they can spend accordingly and ensure full and accurate documentation. Organizations can also customize permissions and allowances for various employee roles and travel destinations.

Using mobile apps employees can take the photo of receipts and attach to the expense reports. The mobile functionality enables them to create and submit expense reports while on the move. The application also helps approvers/managers view and accept/decline the submitted expenses even while they are on the road. This can dramatically reduce the reimbursement cycle time.

Cloud-based expense reimbursement software not only helps organizations save money and time but also enables businesses to create a realistic and easily enforceable travel policy which is employee-friendly and gets them reimbursed faster.