SutiExpense Integrates with ACH payment System to Speed Up the Expense Reimbursement Process

With hundreds of files loading in your system, it has become extremely difficult for finance department to compile every reimbursement document. As each file comes in a different format, importing all the data file formats into one accounting system is a challenge. Once the formatting is done, accountants have to review the files and start reimbursement process. This process may take lot of time and effort as everything needs to be converted into a single format.

To accelerate this process, SutiExpense has integrated with ACH payment system that streamlines and eases the reimbursement process. ACH integration offers numerous benefits to companies and helps them fasten the reimbursement process like never before.

In ACH payment system, there is no need to worry about merging files. You don’t have to interact with files but you can still make reimbursement process faster. When you integrate with ACH system, you will experience a faster and more convenient way of expense management. All that you need to do is to configure the account number, routing number and other details of the account holder.

Both corporate cards as well as personal cards can be configured so as to make it easy for companies to prepare expense reports. There is no restriction on employees to use a particular card, both the cards can be used and all the transactions can be recorded. For company cards both crediting and debiting can be done, whereas, for personal cards only the crediting option can be configured.

In this way, by using SutiExpense, we have made your expense reimbursement process an easy job.