SutiExpense Makes the Reimbursement Process a Cake-walk for Finance Professionals

Did you ever think about controlling your business travel spending before the actual spend takes place? Yes, it is possible with the SutiExpense pre-trip authorization feature. With the feature, you can gain a detailed view on every employee business travel plan. This can help you find new opportunities to cut down the extra expenses.

Our pre-trip authorization feature enables employees to update travel plans detailing each expense that is going to be incurred on the trip. Your employee can update the purpose of travel and cost of a trip prior to travel. Once the required details are entered, expense requests will be routed to respective managers and authorized persons for approval.

The request report will give managers an insight on the overall spending in the trip. In this way, employers can have a clear estimation on the costs associated with the trip and can cut down any expenses to control spending. The pre-trip authorization feature proves beneficial for most companies since this can help firms minimize their spending in business travel. Also, another key benefit of pre-trip authorization is that it can speed up the reimbursement process as everything is approved before hand.

In SutiExpense, when an employee submits a pre-trip authorization request, a unique ID will be generated for each request report. All the submitted expense requests can be viewed on the dashboard; approvers can easily know when a new expense request has been submitted by an employee. This can facilitate the process of request approvals and pave the path for faster reimbursements. Hence with SutiExpense, you can make sure everything is going as planned and no additional costs can influence your financial planning over time.