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SutiSoft’s Spend Platform – One Solution to Manage them All

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Spend management is a complicated proposition in any organization – it involves multiple business functions, various stakeholders, and collaboration among all those involved. With traditional practices, managing all this becomes very hard. So is the case with using different applications to manage different processes. There is little or no communication among employees, and there is a lot of data duplication required. This is where the SutiSoft Spend Platform comes in. The platform bundles up all the applications required to manage spend together and offers it as a single platform. It is the only solution that organizations would need to manage all aspects of spend.

The software comes with integrated applications for expense management, travel booking, procurement, invoicing, and accounts payable. From a single interface, organizations can manage all of this effectively. Apart from the major integrated applications, the software also comes with a host of other essential business productivity software for analytics, data management, online signature, and online helpdesk. Apart from the pre-packaged integration, organizations also have the option to integrate other third-party applications that they use, thereby giving the solution almost unlimited scope.

As a single platform, it completely revolutionizes the way you manage your business processes. Here are some of the benefits of the integrated spend platform:

Visibility and transparency: The single centralized platform offers complete visibility into all the business processes and brings transparency into them.

Eliminate data duplication: Different business processes have to share data and when the systems used to manage these processes do not communicate with one another, there is a need for manual data duplication. The integrated platform eliminates this need. This shaves off many hours off your employee workload and gives you improved productivity.

Collaboration: With the platform, all the pertinent data can be shared easily among the various business units, leading to better communication and improved collaboration.

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