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The Importance Of Applicant Tracking System In HR Management

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Share the postNo matter whether you have hundreds or thousands of employees, you can only…

The Importance Of Applicant Tracking System In HR Management

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No matter whether you have hundreds or thousands of employees, you can only optimize the hiring process with the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Wondering what exactly is ATS? How it will streamline your process? Well, this has been explained in this article:

What is Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software solution that can make the process of finding and hiring resources faster and easier. ATS can help improve your hiring process by efficiently managing various activities such as job postings, screening, candidate communication and more. This would make it easy for them to track candidate profile so nothing falls through the cracks. Also, this would let you understand the steps of hiring process, figure out where bottlenecks occur, where communication breaks out or where candidates drop out.

Let us see how organizations can use an applicant tracking system to build the hiring process for their businesses:

Post Job on Social Media Sites

When it comes to hiring good employees, you can see a significant shift to social media. This does not mean just you need to create your brand on social media, but also requires you to build your job postings with mobile access. Applicant tracking systems can improve your hiring process and provides mobile-friendly job postings and one-click sharing to social media platforms, making sure you don’t miss any mobile candidates.

Share on Job Boards

ATS can simplify the process of posting ads on the most relevant job portals. You can send job postings to free job boards in a single click. The system will make sure the job postings are mobile-friendly. You can simply connect with candidates’ right from where they are searching and where they are, all from a single system.

Record Interviews

It is important to ensure that your hiring process should be thoughtful and fair. ATS can help reach the goals by making everyone involved in the hiring process to learn about new candidates and prepare for the interviews. This helps you to evaluate candidates more equally and recording interview notes can help hiring managers compare notes for each candidate. Not only does this make collaboration and feedback easier, but also helps ensure fair hiring practices are followed within the organization. ATS provides you complete record of the entire process, and so it can be a useful tool for proving organization’s fair hiring decisions.

Track your Hiring Process

ATS gives you insight into how candidates navigate the application process and how much time each phase of the recruiting process takes. This lets you breakdown bottlenecks and optimize the processes where you are losing candidates.

Automate Onboarding Process

Automating onboarding process frees up recruiters time to focus on the candidates experience. From application to the offer letter, candidate should have good experience across the board. If the process is tiresome, candidate would lose interest in joining your organization. Applicant tracking system makes the entire hiring process seamless, so either you or the candidate doesn’t get stuck in any way of the process.

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