Time and Attendance Tracking for a Mobile Workforce

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Tracking time and attendance of mobile employees is a tough challenge for many organizations. However, new technologies like cloud computing and mobile devices are simplifying the task for businesses who are managing distributed labor. Here, we present a few capabilities that help in smarter time and attendance management.

Web-based solutions:

Organizations require several data collection methods to track their employees, and the data should feed into single centralized system. Web-based time tracking software enables managers to access aggregated data from virtually anywhere for multiple purposes.


Companies need to follow many rules like federal and state wage and hour laws. The advanced systems have the ability to generate precise, detailed audit trials that help enhance labor compliance and settle wage and hour disputes.

Real-time data analytics:

Employees are the biggest asset for every organization. They need to utilize them as effectively as possible. Real-time analytics offered by time tracking solutions enable managers to set and adjust schedules and compare employee count to payroll in order to determine the most effective deployment of personnel.

Employee self-service:

With this capability employees can utilize their time clock to access their work schedules and accrued time-off. It will be easy for them to submit time-off requests through the application and receive quick approval.


For any enterprise, in order to survive and grow in an ever-changing business environment, they need to be poised and adapt quickly. The technologies they use are also included in it. Time and attendance management systems are ready to flex and grow along with the business expansions.

Robust time management software offers all the above features that help you effectively manage your mobile workforce.

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