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Tips for Sourcing Candidates Through Employee Referrals

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Share the postYour employees are your biggest assets in more ways than one. Not only…

Develop Talent Pools For Future Hiring Needs

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Your employees are your biggest assets in more ways than one. Not only will they contribute to your organization’s growth directly by their performance in their job roles but they also act as your ambassadors to the world, and can also be a great channel to source new talent from.

Since your employees already know the company culture and working atmosphere, they will be able to get you candidates that fit the profile.

Also, the employees who referred these candidates will be more liable to stick with your organization as they have increased their stakes in the organization. Here are some tips on sourcing candidates through employee referrals:

Tap Your Best Performers

It is a good idea to tap into the contacts of your best performers. Your best performers already know what it takes to be successful in your organization and how the culture works. They are more likely to refer someone who has the same work ethic as theirs.

Accountability and Flexibility

You have to make your employees accountable for the candidates they refer but be flexible enough that it does not backfire and make this channel go dry. Impress upon employees that the candidates they refer will also be taken in their favor if things go right.


With employee referrals saving you costs in consultants’ fees and job portal rents, you can afford to reward your employees in turn. The rewards will also encourage them to actively look for candidates that might suit the bill for you.

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