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Preventing Expense Reimbursement Fraud – Key Takeaways
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If you are reading this, maybe your employee expenses are taking a toll on your business. Thinking about your business financial health is very important, but it isn’t enough to just see where your employees are spending. Tracking your spending on a regular basis will help you get an accurate picture of where your money is going and where your employees are spending more.

So here is how to get started tracking your expenses:

Check Accounts

Monitor your business spending by reviewing your employee expenses, including credit cards and corporate cards that are configured. Tracking all the employees’ accounts will help you identify where the spending is happening. Get a handle on the cash flow – know what’s coming in and what’s going out to track spending end-to-end.

Expense Categorization

Group expense categories as per corporate card transactions, so you will know what is costing you more or even realize some unnecessary spending occurring. Expense categorization includes both fixed and variable expenses. Also, you will have room to adjust expenses for various categories.

Track Consistently

Make use of expense tracking apps such as SutiExpense that allow you to allocate certain amounts to each expense category on the basis of what you are taking in and what you are paying out. These applications will help you track all the expenses made and help your employees stick with the budget set. Also, using expense tracking software allows you the ability to sync transactions directly into the expense system, thus eliminating the need for manual entry. Expense tracking software offers much smarter, more effective and organized way of tracking your business spending.

Give Room for Change

Try to make adjustments as you track spending. Keep tabs on your monthly expenses so you know what is making you spend more. Also, minimizing bug fixed expenses can make a significant impact on your budget.

Using these applications to track spending can be really helpful as you can find out what’s really costing you more.

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